Do you want to better manage your trading positi

Do you want to calculate the exact lot to open in order to risk exactly 1% of your account?

These are some of the initial difficulties on the part of those who approach online trading. Understanding how much to invest and how much to risk. If you do forex trading you also need to turn everything into lots and know the pip value of the forex pair used. To answer these questions we have created a free indicator for metatrader 4 that calculates the lot to use (both forex and all other CFDs) for each 1% of risk.

We-RiskReward indicator

If you are interested in using the FREE We-RiskReward indicator you can download it from here:

In this way you can apply it to all the underlyings available in your trading platform and you can:

  • simulate your trade with entry, stop and take
  • decide the risk% with respect to your account balance
  • get the exact lot to use for your online trading
  • XMAvaTrade

    How to use We-RiskReward?

    The indicator is applied in MQL4 / Indicators and then dragged onto the graph.

    At that point the trader will be able to move 3 lines that virtually simulate the trade.

    • entry
    • stop level
    • take level

    By moving these levels according to your needs, the software will automatically calculate the lots to trade for the chosen risk.

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