The We-Spread Trade Manager is an Expert Advisor for the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform that allows you to open and close up to 6 underlyings with 1 click (CFDs on Forex pairs or indices, commodities and stocks).

It is a very useful tool that is used together with the We-Spread indicator to do spread trading.

What is spread trading?

What is We-Spread?

If you don’t know this trading method then read HERE:

We-Spread Trade Manager – Panel of the MT4 Expert Advisor

The We-Spread trade manager is an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 or 5 that can be configured according to the trader’s needs.

Here are the main features:

Choice of the group of underlyings to trade

Choice of the BUY / SELL direction of each underlying to be traded

Choice of lots for each underlying (for example, it is possible to give a different weight to the different Forex pairs)

Real-time profit / loss monitor per basket or per total

Automatic closing of positions when the target profit is reached on all baskets

Partial closure of baskets (up to 10 baskets are provided)

trade panel We-Spread

We-Spread trade manager panel for metatrader 4

FAQ: useful questions about the We-Spread Trade Manager Expert Advisor

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions received from our readers and their answers.

Q: “When I open several consecutive orders, how does the allocation to the basket number work? Only in order of progressive opening, or is it linked to the magic number which must necessarily be progressive? In any case, how would it be possible to uniquely identify the basket?”

A: “The basket number, and therefore the magic number, is assigned automatically. You can recognize the group simply by the comment to the single order. For example, you will find Group 1… 2 etc etc… for each basket.”

Q: “Assuming to have a Buy for a certain currency pair, acting on the + and – buttons on the panel you can get for example Buy -0.01 EURUSD. Does that mean I Sell 0.01 EURUSD, or does it not work like that?”

A: “The negative lot size does not make sense… To do a Sell, just click on the rectangle of the currency name and it becomes a Sell. Or alternatively you can decide the trend and the lot from the EA settings.”

Q: “BE_point and BE_profit, what are they and how should they be used? I see there are 75 and 5 presets. Does this mean that at 75% of the set profit a BreakEven at 5% is activated?”

A: “At 75% of the basket target (configurable from the expert settings) a BE is activated on the basket at 5%… or if it were to go back it would close at +5% of the target… of course you can change it. If you put it at 50% it activates earlier.”

Q: “If only a part of the six possible crosses were used (2 or 4 for example), wouldn’t it be possible to make sure that the unused ones disappear from the table?”

A: “You can delete the pairs you don’t want from the settings… or you can leave them at lot size 0. In this case, they won’t open. The rectangles on the chart cannot be deleted.”

Trade manager for metatrader 5

Trade manager for metatrader 5

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