Automatic forex trading with VPS forex servers is spreading more and more and offers numerous advantages in terms of operations management. However, it also presents some risks, most of which are of a markedly technical nature. The risks involved can be limited or completely eliminated if you make use of forex VPS hosting.

What are? What are they for? Here is a comprehensive guide.

Automated trading and forex VPS: a close relationship

Automatic trading is the practice that allows you to automate operations through the metatrader 4, 5 or other trading platforms. You use a software (or program), in this case a robot or an Expert Advisor, you set conditions of sale, purchase, stop loss and take profit and you wait for the system to automatically generate the trades on the market.

In truth, making money with automatic trading is not that simple. We must not think that automatic trading must replace the trader but it is important to understand that it must help the latter in his work as a trader.

In fact, it being understood that there is still the need to constantly monitor the software, the business suffers from some problems of a purely technical nature. Problems, as already mentioned, which are partially or totally solved by the forex VPS.

In fact, the risk of interruption of the internet session is great, with all the consequences in terms of non-activation of the stop loss or other commands previously not entered on the forex and cfd broker’s servers. The connection could jump, so also the distribution of electricity, the PC could “freeze”, given the resources that the platforms require in terms of memory, and so on. Even a very short interruption, lasting a few seconds, is enough to mess up a trade and lose money.

In addition to technical limits, there can also be “human” limits:

  • physical fatigue
  • momentary distractions away from the desk
  • psychology fatigue

Why use forex VPS

The risk of interruption can be bypassed through the use of VPS. But what exactly are they?

Quite simply, they are virtual machines located in a web farm that can be accessed from any terminal. It is no coincidence that VPS is the acronym for “Virtual Private Server”.

In addition to neutralizing the danger of interruption of the trade, the VPS offer a very high execution speed, useful for everyone but especially for those who engage in scalping. Do not underestimate the removal of the constraint from “physical PC”. With virtual private servers, traders can consult their account in the cloud, no matter where they are located.

The companies that offer VPS generally offer “scalable” products, whose components can be expanded: bandwidth, RAM memory, hard disk size can be customized more or less at will. So even the cost is variable: the cheaper versions cost less than 6 euros per month, the more expensive ones have a price of 100-120 euros.

Best forex vps

Among the best forex vps hosting we find CheapVPS. Its peculiarity lies in the completeness of all packages, even the cheapest ones. All packages offer:

  • Forex VPS ready for use
  • VPS for trading
  • IP leasing in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Canada
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5 support
  • Compatibility with any Expert Advisor and browser
  • For scalping expert advisor
  • XMAvaTrade

    CheapVPS type of forex vps available

    CheapVPS is a VPS offering company for online trading that has 4 types of plans all on ultra-fast SSD disks:

    1. Eco VPS from $ 3.5 per month with 512 MB of memory, 2 CPU cores and 15 GB of Disk
    2. xPress VPS from $ 5 per month with 1 GB of memory, 4 CPU cores and 25 GB of Disk
    3. Pro VPS from $ 12 per month with 2 GB of memory, 6 CPU cores and 40 GB of disk
    4. Enterprice VPS from $ 19 per month with 3 GB of memory, 8 CPU cores and 60 GB of disk
    5. Platinum VPS from $ 26 a month with 4 GB of memory, 12 CPU cores and 80 GB of Disk

    Each user has access to the following services:

    • Control panel
    • Online and email support
    • VPS pre-built
    • Ability to create and delete VPS
    • Reset the VPS in a fast way
    • Monitor internet bandwidth consumption
    • Public or private IP control
    • Server in Amsterdam, France or Canada

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