We-Spread SP500 vs DAX

Trading Plan for the week 12-16 October 2020

As described last week, the spread trading  between the 2 stock indices shows us a continuation of the upward curve. This means that the operational choice continues to lean towards the BUY the SP500 versus the SELL of DAX. In fact, considering the week just ended and evaluating an entry on Monday morning at 9:00 the result was:

  • BUY of SP500 in profit of +127 points open at + 3.78%
  • DAX SELL loss of -352 points equal to -2.52%
    with a net profit of + 1.26%

We believe that following the bullish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

We-Spread indicator

If you need the We-Spread indicator to trade your preferred instruments in your trading platform you can buy it from here: https://www.investing.we-trading.eu/shop/we-spread/

Trading Room for spread trading

There are 2 dedicated telegram channels for spread trading updates:

  • FREE telegram group: https://t.me/spreadtrading24
  • We-Spread PRO telegram channel with monthly subscription: https://www.investing.we-trading.eu/shop/we-spread-pro-trading-room/
  • XMAvaTrade

    We-Spread GOLD vs SILVER

    Trading Plan for the week 12-16 October

    The spread is going down as described last week. The current movement tends towards a sell of GOLD and a buy of SILVER.

    Evaluating an entrance on Monday at 9:00 the results were the following:

    • GOLD SELL -1.52%
    • BUY by SILVER + 5.8%

    with a net profit of +4.28%

    We believe that following the bearish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

    Intraday scalping levels

    Trading Plan for scalping with Demand & Supply indicator + We-Trend

    For users of the levels with We-Trend and Demand & Supply indicator, the week was commented in the new dedicated trading room (currently free for all) thanks to the collaboration with TheUnknowSoldier.

    The levels studied with the indicators specially created for scalping such as demand & supply (recently available in the Kumo Breakout package HERE) and with the We-Trend have determined these charts to watch out for next week.

    Each intraday comment will be on the trading room and every evening in this article, at the bottom, we will add the updated levels.

    In all 3 equity indices, a bullish force is evident that has accompanied the trend in recent weeks. In particular, the American indices suffered and quickly reabsorbed the bad news that had caused them to collapse by 2% in a few minutes. We remain intent on taking advantage of any possible intraday decline to make purchases with objectives on the higher supply areas and linked to the August-September prices. The trades we will make on the levels must be considered on price action patterns and for intraday scalping purposes.

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