We-Spread SP500 vs DAX

Trading Plan for the week 26-30th October 2020

Also this week we followed the trading plan on the spread trading of the DAX vs Sp500. The idea was bearish, namely SELL of DAX and BUY of SP500.

In fact, considering the week just ended and evaluating an entry on Monday morning at 9:00 the result was:

  • BUY of SP500 in loss of points with – 0.94%
  • DAX SELL in profit of 290 points equal to +2.24%
    with a net profit of + 1.3%

We believe that following the bearish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

Trading Room for spread trading

There are 2 dedicated telegram channels for spread trading updates:

  • FREE telegram channel: https://t.me/spreadtrading24
  • We-Spread PRO telegram channel with monthly subscription: https://www.investing.we-trading.eu/shop/we-spread-pro-trading-room/
  • XMAvaTrade

    We-Spread GOLD vs SILVER

    Trading Plan for the week 26-30th October

    The curve of the Spread between GOLD and SILVER has given further satisfaction following what was said the previous week. That is, there is a bearish trend of the spread understood as SELL of GOLD and BUY of SILVER. However, last week it closed with a loss of -2.98%.

    Evaluating an entrance on Monday at 9:00 the results were the following:

    • GOLD SELL +0.23%
    • BUY by SILVER + 1.56%

    with a net profit of +1.79%

    We believe that following the bearish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

    Intraday scalping levels

    Trading Plan for scalping with Demand & Supply indicator + We-Trend

    For users of the levels with We-Trend and Demand & Supply indicator, the week was commented in the new dedicated trading room (currently free for all) thanks to the collaboration with TheUnknowSoldier.

    The levels studied with the indicators specially created for scalping such as demand & supply (recently available in the Kumo Breakout package HERE) and with the We-Trend have determined these charts to watch out for next week.

    Scalping, levels and intraday Price Action plan

    • For the DAX the first resistance to work on in scalping with tight stops is 12850 up to 12950… above this level we could rethink a bullish structure.
    • For SP500 the resistance and key level is 3520… above long below short… with a view to scalping or intraday always with tight stop losses. In practice, the pattern is unchanged from the previous week.
    • For the GOLD first resistance 1930 and first support at 1880… such levels could be traded against trend with tight stops (intraday or scalping levels).

    Charts update available on telegram and social network channel of We-Trading

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