In this article I propose 2 spreads for teaching purposes that I follow but of course with the help of the We-Spread indicator you can trade all available markets such as:

  • nasdaq vs sp500 or vs dow jones
  • dax vs eurostoxx or vs ftse100
  • forex pairs
  • raw materials such as brent vs oil
  • vix vs sp500

We-Spread SP500 vs DAX

Trading Plan for the week 14th-18th Dec 2020

The spread setting between SP500 and DAX remains bullish and in line with what was written last week. There have been no major changes on a weekly basis but it has nonetheless registered a brief recovery in favor of the open positions in my portfolio.

In fact, considering the week just ended and evaluating an entry on Monday morning at 9:00 the result was:

  • BUY of SP500 in loss of -0.75%
  • DAX SELL in profit of +0.95%
    with a net profit of + 0.2%

We believe that following the bullish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

Trading Room for spread trading

There are 2 dedicated telegram channels for spread trading updates:

  • FREE telegram channel:
  • We-Spread PRO telegram channel with monthly subscription:
  • XMAvaTrade

    We-Spread GOLD vs SILVER

    Trading Plan for the week 14th – 18th Dec

    The Spread curve between GOLD and SILVER did not react as expected. Indeed it remained almost flat. % Movements below the monthly average. We remain exposed as previously communicated, namely the sell of GOLD and buy of SILVER.

    Evaluating an entrance on Monday at 9:00 the results were the following:

    • GOLD SELL -0.08%
    • BUY by SILVER -0.97%

    with a net loss of -1.05%

    We believe that following the bearish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

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