Tesla continues its dazzling rise on the stock market. The 700 billion capitalization was surpassed this Wednesday by the electric car manufacturer. In fact, this company led by Elon Musk earned 20 billion dollars on the stock exchange in 24 hours for a value of 839 billion. All this on the day marked by the raid of pro-Trump protesters in the capital.

As of January 15, 2021:

  • Tesla is worth 766 billion, more than Facebook
  • Musk is the richest in the world, surpassed Bezos

Brokers to trade Tesla Stocks (long or short)


The first by market capitalization in the automotive industry: Tesla

Its valuation on the stock exchange is a record in the automotive industry. In fact, this phenomenon surpasses the combined capitalization of Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, BMW and Ferrari. At the end of last year, the electric car brand also entered the S&P 500 index. It came in seventh place in the ranking of the most capitalized companies in the index.

It is difficult to update the rankings compared to other big names in the SP500 index due to its unstoppable bullish strength.

Forecast for the Tesla stocks

If the builder had problems making large scale cars, he also learned from him his mistakes as many specialists say. In fact, Tesla has set up a factory in China and is pushing for the construction of new sites in Berlin, India and Texas. Also, after a battle with the Californian authorities who forced Tesla to shut down in the spring, Mr. Musk secured the integration of his employees as key workers in November. With its new factory in Shanghai, China, Tesla would represent 49% of the electric vehicle market in 2030. Furthermore, Elon Musk promises new projects such as creating an electric vehicle for $ 25,000 in three years and producing 20 million cars by 2030.

Big Short on Tesla?

To date, all the funds, hedge funds, speculators and retail traders who have tried to short Tesla (to gain from a possible fall in the stock) have only had losses. In fact, the title has always printed new historical highs … one after the other.

As you can see from 2020 it has recorded + 935% and the price does not reflect an economic trend of equal growth. A bet is underway on what it can do in the future and therefore highly dangerous. Entering the top today is psychologically impossible … but also rationally impossible. Those who do so must also take into account possible discounts of 50%.

For us at We-Trading.eu, a price of around $ 500 is possible.

This Big Short theory presented on the VisualCapitalist website is also interesting and you can read it here:

Tesla Bears: A Short Short Story

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