We-Spread SP500 vs DAX

Trading Plan for the week 9-13th Novembr 2020

The week just ended was characterized by intraday volatility pending the presidential election results. The spreads implemented were not helpful and in fact closed at a loss. We expected a weaker DAX than the SP500 and instead it continued to outperform for the whole week against America.

In practice, the spread curve should have turned downwards but instead continued its rise. Now that we are nearing the closing of the markets, he seems to want to start to go down towards our studied direction.

Considering the week just ended and evaluating an entry on Monday morning at 9:00 the result was:

  • BUY of SP500 in profit of +242 points equal to + 7.39%
    DAX SELL down -889 points equal to -7.62%
  • with a net loss of -0.23%

We believe that following the bearish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

From the first article of the spread PLAN trading we have achieved a return of:

DAX vs SP500 + 9.52%
GOLD vs Silver + 18.89%

We-Spread indicator

If you are interested in using the We-Spread indicator you can purchase it from here: https://www.we-trading.eu/prodotto/we-spread/

In this way you can apply it to all the underlyings available in your trading platform and you will receive:

  • complete course of theory and practical application
  • assistance for the first installation
  • and if you purchase the annual license you will be able to access the We-Spread PRO channel for free for 12 months
  • We-Spread PRO results November 2020

    The week brought us 2 closed spreads in profit and 2 open spreads which we left for next week.

  • 2 Spreads in Profit for a total of +20 euros (minimum lots in reference to the Pepperstone broker)
  • 1 loss spread for a total of -3.5 euro
  • If you want to enter Trading Room PRO, you can purchase a 1-month subscription at the promotional price of 29 euros.

    Trading Room for spread trading

    There are 2 dedicated telegram channels for spread trading updates:

  • FREE telegram channel: https://t.me/spreadtrading24
  • We-Spread PRO telegram channel with monthly subscription: https://www.investing.we-trading.eu/shop/we-spread-pro-trading-room/
  • XMAvaTrade

    We-Spread GOLD vs SILVER

    Trading Plan for the week 9-13th November

    Gold and Silver instead allowed us an excellent positioning and the reading of the spread curve trend was perfect. Metals have created an increase in interest which has led to new buyers and therefore new higher prices.

    Evaluating an entrance on Monday at 9:00 the results were the following:

    • GOLD Sell +3.61%
    • SILVER BUY + 7.11%

    with a net profit of +3.5%

    We believe that following the bearish trend of the spread can still be a profitable choice.

    Scalping levels for next week

    In this video my review of levels to scalp next week for GOLD, DAX and SP500.

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