Spread Trading: Take advantage of volatility with We-Spread

The only INDICATOR that is based on spread trading on 6 forex pairs. BUY and SELL correlated legs to create profit form the difference of strenghs and volatility.

What is We-Spread spread trading software

It is an indicator based on spread trading, a strategy that takes advantage of the correlations between currency pairs and works regardless of the direction of the market.

Why We-Spread

Turns volatility into profit opportunities

It makes you earn on the excess strength of the markets

It alerts you automatically

It works in all market conditions: bearish, bullish, sideways

Diversifies the risk (use up to six currency pairs simultaneously)

It is easy to use with the Advanced Trading Course of over 10 hours

How does it work?

If you could ask all traders what problems they are facing during the investment activity, most would answer:

  • Volatility, because it is capable of invalidating even the best technical analysis
  • Risk, which is the true constant of any trading activity, responsible for defeats and capital losses
  • Time, which is the time needed to make a good technical analysis

If you also face these problems every day, buy We-Spread.

We-Spread is the only indicator that mitigates the problems of traders in one go. In fact:

  • It even makes volatility an opportunity for profit, as it takes advantage of the difference in performance between currency pairs. The more swings, the better!
  • Takes advantage of the dynamics of risk diversification (uses up to 6 currency pairs simultaneously!), the only ones that can protect your capital
  • Automate part of the trading, saving you time in the analysis phase and warning you when to enter and when to exit the market!
  • Learn how to use it to the fullest thanks to the Advanced Trading Course with over 10 hours of lessons and examples on Forex, indices, commodities and stocks

The most important feature, the one that makes our indicator really special, is however one:

We-Spread is the only indicator based on advanced spread trading for MetaTrader

It’s really true. There are no others!

Trade manager for metatrader 5

Trade manager for metatrader 5

We have taken care of the construction of We-Spread to the smallest detail. On the other hand, we always do it with our products. Many came to us and were satisfied. For example Daniele, Fabio and Federico.

“Hi, I’m Daniele and I’ve been a We-Trading customer for a couple of years. I buy Lorenzo Sentino’s indicators because I feel very comfortable. I can make profit despite having a job already, and I can stick to the rules like a professional trader. I recommend it” (click here to see Daniele’s testimonial)


“Hi, I’m Fabio. I wanted to thank Lorenzo: I’ve been using his indicators for a year now. I can trade profitably! Thanks to his way of operating I can do it while spending very little time on trading. I found several advantages compared to how I traded before” (click here to see Fabio’s testimonial)


“Hi, I’m Federico. I have been relying on We-Trading for about a year. Finally, exactly thanks to We-Trading products, I was able to understand how to best deal with the financial markets. I have decreased the risks and increased the earnings! Furthermore, I also managed to avoid the many mistakes that have a negative impact at the end of the month. Above all: I have finally managed to create profits!” (click here to see Federico’s testimonial)


Follow the example of Daniele, Fabio and Federico and …

Buy We-Spread + Trading Course by clicking this link.

If you want more information, please leave a phone number in this form (you can find it at the bottom of the page) and I will call you personally to explain in detail how We-Spread works.

Or contact me at:

Email: info @ we-trading.eu

Facebook Messenger: m.me/wetradingforex

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