Intraday trading scalping [full tools pack]


Intraday trading scalping tools for metatrader 4. Take an edge with pure price action setup to make money on spx, dax and gold or forex. This indicator pack will change your trading style.

Take full control of your trading activity

Trade Manager + Demand & Supply + We-Trend trend following for MetaTrader
The pair of indicators that always tells you where the market is going

What is intraday trading tools?

It is a package of indicators that offers you a clear view of how the market will move according to a trading system logic based on Ichimoku and price action. In particular, Kumo Breakout warns you when a trend is about to start while We-Trend calculates supports / resistances and suggests which is the statistically most probable trend (up, down, flat).
All studies are well review with the Demand & Supply indicator that give objective area of reversal trend.

It doesn't matter what trading style you are adopting, or what timeframe you are used to trading. In any case, you MUST be aware of how the market is moving and the direction it is about to take.

Also, if you want to survive and earn, you MUST set Stop Losses and Take Profits as reliable as possible.

Sure, you have a lot of tools at your disposal to do all of this. Indicators, oscillators... You are spoiled for choice. Many of these are effective but also cumbersome and difficult to read.

So why not rely on a restricted toolbox that contains the statistical models and mechanics of the best indicators but which, at the same time, is easy and quick to use?

Toolbox, precisely, such as the “Trade Manager + We-Trend + Demand & Supply” package. It is the best choice you can make. So, don't waste any more time


  • + We-Trend life time license
  • + Demand & Supply Oscillator life time license
  • + Trade Manager life time license

Take your action today!

Why the “Demand & Supply + We-Trend ” package?

• It alerts you when a new trend is about to start
• It calculates supports and resistances reliably and quickly
• It helps you to effectively set Stop Loss and Take Profit
• It is versatile: it adapts to all time frames, all underlyings and all strategies
• It is safe: it is based on other effective but complex indicators to read (eg. volatility and momentum)


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