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Seasonal Time Trading FREE Expert Advisor Metatrader

Seasonal Time Trading

It is an online trading strategy that was created to evaluate any statistical and seasonal advantages on an underlying (or more underlyings together) by examining the entry and exit timing rules as inputs.

So there is no graphic pattern or technical analysis but only a temporal consideration.

Time Trading example

Let’s imagine we want to understand if there is a statistical advantage by buying the Nasdaq on Tuesday at 16:00 and reselling it on Thursday at 19:00. We repeat this pattern for X days, for example a test over the last 5 years.

By entering these elements, the expert will tell us if a Loss or a Profit has been obtained at the end of the backtest period.

Seasonal EA Expert Advisor Metatrader 5

If you are interested in using the Seasonal EA expert you can download it for FREE from here:

  • add the EA to your MT5
  • you need to be registered on MQ5 site
  • Seasonal EA – Time Trading on Metatrader 5

    The expert that you can download for free from the link published above of MQL5 site allows you to set numerous variables to make the tool even more precise and objective.

    Among the features we want to highlight we find:

    • insertion of up to 6 CFDs symbols present in the mt5 used
    • insertion of customized lots for each symbol
    • entry of day and time of entry
    • entry of day and time of exit
    • profit in money control
    • check the maximum number of positions to open
    • customizable magic number
    • pop up alert
    • push notification alert for Android or iOS Metatrader 5 apps

    Seasonal EA – advanced version with filters

    We have also created an advanced version with additional control filters such as:

    • entry and exit rules on different months (such as enter in January and exit in February)
    • entry rules higher than the week (e.g. enter the first Monday of the month and exit the last Monday of the month)
    • trend control of the candle (daily, weekly or monthly) just closed as a filter to enter the market
    • Seasonal EA advanced: price and conditions

    This expert advisor version is available at a price of 149 euros for 1 mt5 license with no expiry date.

    If you are interested you can contact us by email at info @ we-trading .eu

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