Google Finance is a portal developed by the Mountain View giant and integrated with the first world search engine. Its main objective is to aggregate the prices and news of the major publicly traded companies. To retrieve all the information in question, the site uses sources such as Google Blog Search and Google News.

Google Finance

Google Finance was updated in 2020 with the automatic user search history interface. In this way, those who use the portal have the opportunity to immediately find news relating to listed companies.

The portal also suggests titles based on your previous searches and demonstrated preferences.

Google Finance works in a very simple way and is accessed from the url If you are interested in a group of listed shares, you can follow the updates on Google Finance.

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    How to track, sell and buy stocks?

    You can follow the actions on Google Finance. Not only.

    You can also choose tools such as:

    • forex
    • stock indices
    • raw materials and precious metals
    • futures, cfds, etf, etc and certificates

    The portal allows you to compare many actions (or other tools) with each other. To compare them, you must first click on the button marked “compare”. To view the data, just click on it and get a clear image of the chart and its most important financial data.

    Google Finance portfolio

    The Google Finance wallet was a highly appreciated feature by portal users. But with the 2017 update, it was deleted.

    Does the Google Finance application exist?

    The only application that exists for this portal is not for smartphones, but for the Chrome Web Store. But given the last update in 2015, there would probably be technical problems.

    For those who want to have a real-time data update, you need to download the AvaTradeGO application, available for IOS and Android.

    The platform in question is characterized by the presence of numerous features, such as trading signals. The latter are essential to invest successfully and with real money. On AvatradeGO, you can use them for free.

    AvatradeGO vs Google Finance

    By choosing AvatradeGO, the arrows in our arc increase.

    Here are the advantages that we can obtain using this platform: shares, indices, currencies and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, each of the tools listed allows us to track prices permanently, second by second.

    On AvatradeGO it is possible to access and select the shares that interest us and to create a real portfolio.

    This will make it much easier to track the performance of our favorite stocks or the cryptocurrencies we want to trade.

    We can follow the virtual portfolio or decide to invest real money. All this can be achieved with a free Demo account that AvatradeGO [see here] makes available to each customer.

    In short, you will have virtual $ 50,000 to invest, just to simulate a real investment and test our capabilities. There are no usage restrictions or deadlines: the demo account can be used without limits.

    The minimum deposit is € 250, a figure that will allow you to invest in stocks or forex.

    Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance: Who is the Most Popular?

    According to users, Yahoo Finance’s experience is more complete than Google’s proposal. Yahoo Finance was introduced shortly after the search engine was launched in 1994. Google Finance, on the other hand, was launched more than ten years later, ie in 2006. It is one of the most visited portals in the world. Yahoo Finance has evolved over time and is recently available in the form of an application for smartphones and tablets.

    Yahoo Finance is far more popular than Google finance.

    Intraday scalping levels

    Trading Plan for scalping with Demand & Supply indicator + We-Trend

    For users of the levels with We-Trend and Demand & Supply indicator, the week was commented in the new dedicated trading room (currently free for all) thanks to the collaboration with TheUnknowSoldier.

    The levels studied with the indicators specially created for scalping such as demand & supply (recently available in the Kumo Breakout package HERE) and with the We-Trend have determined these charts to watch out for next week.

    Each intraday comment will be on the trading room and every evening in this article, at the bottom, we will add the updated levels.

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