Guide to the best free forex signals

Forex Trading signals are one of the most interesting methods that traders have to be able to invest in the forex currency market. The usefulness of the signals is even more important for less experienced traders or those starting from scratch.

What are Forex Trading Signals?

These are indications provided in real time on the operation to be opened up or down. Numerous services are specialized on the Forex market and with the help of expert analysts, they send these signals to the Trader whenever there is an opportunity to invest. Currently, the forex currency market is one of the most attractive, because it is the most liquid in the world and is open 24/24. Thanks to its high volatility, it allows for numerous investment opportunities. To trade on Forex, it is essential that the trader has learned the basic aspects such as the use of trading platforms or information on the main indicators.

To get started you can open a free demo account [read here to open one for FREE]

Before asking for the Forex Signals service, it is recommended to start from the basics and to know how the currency market works. All this will give us a greater awareness and a great ability to select the Forex Trading signals that we are going to receive, choosing the best.

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  • How Forex Trading Signals Work?

    We can’t use the computer all day, that’s why forex signals come to our aid. They work like this: a team of expert analysts scrutinize the currency market, later, the algorithms and automatic robots offer support for analysis. Then if the opportunity to buy (or sell) presents itself, the signal starts. Finally, the customer receives an email or an SMS with all the information.

    In the case of AvaTrade Social App, the signals are sent on average every day and it will be up to the Trader to choose which one to use.

    Which forex signals are the most reliable?

    Many novice traders put high hopes on Forex signals: they consider it as a way to make money easily thanks to trading.

    Unfortunately, the reality is not the following: all signals do not give money and still there are forex signals that make you lose money.

    So you need to understand 2 fundamental points:

    • forex signals can be winning or losing and you have to evaluate the final result after many months… not after 1 or 2 days
    • not all forex signals in the long run are profitable and therefore we need to analyze as much history and statistics as possible.

    A Forex signals service is reliable when the number of suggested trades that close with a profit is greater than the loss. This concept is very important even if no Forex signal service is 100% reliable because the trading market is not completely predictable. The best Forex Trading Signals are found in two ways: one by asking for history, another by checking customer reviews. In the first case, we will ask for the list with all the signals sent and the relative result. We certainly don’t trust those who don’t want to show the historian: they certainly have something to hide. In the latter case, it is a good idea to always read the independent opinions on the web of customers who have truly tested the service.

    The best free forex signals service

    One of the best Forex signals services, entirely free, is the one offered by the broker Avatrade through the AvaSocial App. It is a service that works very well and that has generated numerous positive opinions and reviews over the years. This platform has an important collaboration with Trading Central and Pelican, a famous technical analysis center known throughout the world. Some of the best financial analysts work in this center and thanks to the collaboration with AvaSocial, they offer reliable Forex trading signals. In these simple terms, since these professional traders identify a possibility to enter the market, the notification to the Trader starts immediately: simple, clear and above all profitable.

    A very high percentage of these signals come to generate profits, which can be verified by asking for the history.

    Forex Subscription Trading Signals

    Forex subscription signal services are sold by Forex experts. Average prices in the sector range from 29 to 199 euros per month. The trading rooms for forex signals are distinguished based on trading strategies, underlying traded, risks, returns and many other characteristics.

    Scam trading signals

    The scam in this sector is unfortunately present even if the European supervisory authorities have made enormous strides to protect citizens. Scammers can easily convince the naïve that only thanks to their prestigious signals, they can make a lot of money. The historical, which they present, is implied, complicatedly falsified. Those who fall into this trap risk not only throwing money in the trash to subscribe to a useless service, but also losing money for bad operations on the forex trading market. For this reason it is always recommended to analyze the opinions on a trading signal service before starting to pay for a subscription. The steps to follow are the same, ask for the history, take a free trial period and test a demo service.


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