Copy trading is aimed at novice traders who want to learn and earn at the same time. It is also aimed at experienced investors who want to increase their profits. Finally, to traders who have little time and who wish to rely on an automatic system.

Copy Trading does not mean sure earnings but only more probable profits by relying on a system that has generated good statistics. It means copying investments from the best traders on a social network … reminding us that even Warren Buffett often makes mistakes.

In today’s article you will find out how to activate Copy Trading with:

Among the features offered by AvaSocial APP we point out

  • thousands of traders with rankings and stats to compare
  • real-time market prices
  • trading signals
  • you can share your trades with the community
  • receive rewards for your trading signal shares
  • What is Copy Trading?

    Copy Trading is an automatic system that replicates the operations carried out by numerous traders on their trading account. The return obtained by the trader you copy will be replicated, with desired proportions, depending on the sum you decide to invest. You can also copy multiple traders at the same time.

    In particular, we invite you to consider Ava Social, a recent app dedicated specifically to Copy Trading.

    Copy trading: the platforms

    There are many Copy Trading platforms. The great advantage offered by these online brokers is not only the fact that they have invented the system, but that they have created a community of investors, called Social Trading. The copy trading platform to choose must also be intuitive and practical, with a speed of execution and a set of systems that can be studied, compared and analyzed in the best possible way.

    Copy Trading: how to get started

    To start you need to sign up on one of the brokers that offer copy trading, it is free but it is essential to train. On the demo account of the platform [read here how to get the demo account for FREE], you can trade exactly like in the real world. The only difference concerns the money which is virtual in the demo. There are no risks but no real benefits either.

    Copy Trading AvaSocial App

    On Avasocial Copy Trading you can choose from a large number of traders to copy. You will see their performance over the past months and years and you can use filters to select those that offer the best risk / reward ratio. You will have 100,000 virtual euros available, you will choose the traders you prefer and you will begin to understand how Copy Trading works.

    How much does Copy Trading cost?

    The good answer is nothing. Copy trading does not include additional expenses, you just need to decide how much to invest in the traders you copy. The minimum deposit required by AvaSocial to open an account of 200 euros, beyond this amount, there are no other expenses but only investments.

    Becoming a Signal Provider

    Normally all trading platforms that offer copy trading also allow you to become a signal provider. This means that if you prove to be a good trader you can enter the ranking to be copied by other users of copy trading. The advantage is that you can earn rewards and commissions from your copiers. Before becoming a signal provider, it is good to inquire about the contract offered, the Italian and foreign regulations and any other tax and liability aspect.

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