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Founder & Trader

Lorenzo Sentino

Trading strategist on ichimoku trend and spread trading systems

Lorenzo Sentino is an italian trader with focus on Spread Trading and Ichimoku breakout strategies. Usually you can follow him also on financial events like IT Forum or on financial web tv like LeFonti TV.
Preferred instruments to trade are VIX, SP500, Nasdaq and Fang+ stocks.

Trading strategies to invest your money in a better way

Fast markets need reliable trading system that study different factor like volatility and trend. Here we are ready to improve your skills for:

  • Intraday tips with Price Action on free trading room
  • Trend Following with Kumo Breakout
  • Non Directional trading with We-Spread systems
  • Volatility trading with VIX strategies

“I had a great experience with We-Trading and their software”

Phil MartinezDesigner, Owl Eyes

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Vix Trading Strategy

dynamic Vix trading systems

Price Action

Intraday Price Action trading on stocks, index, forex and metals on our Free Trading Room

Best Broker

Best Broker review to trade futures, options and CFDs

Options trading

Options trading for day traders

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Key Advantages

– Advanced charts studies with indicators or expert advisors.
– No need in a large initial deposit.
– Always uses Stop Loss or trailing stop to protect capital.
– Position trailing stop is used.
– Both a fixed lot and a free margin percentage are used.
– Ability to set time and risk limitations for the EA operation.

– Default setting are already configured
– A good broker with low slippage (choose here from our partners)
– Low spreads
– VPS must min. dual core CPU and min. 2GB random access memory (get one good VPS here)
– Small spread significantly increases the EA’s efficiency
– Support for the installation (Teamviewer or AnyDesk required)
– Work with all brokers
– Complete list of all our professional trading online software HERE
Cheap & performance VPS here

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